Friday, September 1, 2017

Living on the Edge

I remember a time when my wife called me in desperation from London telling me that the Heathrow Express to the airport was stranded and that she may miss her flight home. 'Well', I thought for myself, "if there is one person flexible enough to make it out of this mess, it is her." True enough, she found her way just in time despite her high heels and travel bag. When, completely out of breath, she asked at the counter for her ticket, the stewardess smiled at her and said, "Relax, the pilot of this flight got stuck on the same train!"

In contrast to my wife, I am a person who arrives at the airport well ahead of time in order to protect myself against all all unforeseen events, traffic jams, security line back-ups, and whatever other calamities my fickle mind may come up with. At work, I used to get work projects done well ahead of time until I met some of my colleagues who literally left everything until the last moment. First I thought they were careless, but then I realized that they were confident and flexible instead. Whether I like it or not, today I also leave my options open until the very last day before the deadline truly hits. This is how the TAO works, and I follow HER instructions without asking any questions.

I would hardly describe myself as a 'living on the edge' kind of person, but the WAY occasionally pushes me out of my comfort zone. Not to scare me, mind you, but to help me getting the results I aspire to have. When the ground is shifting beneath my feet I become more flexible, bolder, and more determined to succeed. So in a way I have learned to face my fears and dance with the music. Our mind is overwhelmed by the Power of Now, and as a mind-driven person, the thrill of life seems to be the only remedy to keep me connected to the WAY.

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