Saturday, September 2, 2017

Healing the Past

Always forwards, step by step.
There's no way backwards.
(Wolfsheim, Kein Zurueck; my translation)

My father was depressed for decades. At the end he didn't even eat anything anymore. Then one day he just slipped away. Still, when I talked to my mother the other day she mentioned that to her only the happy memories with my father pop up from the past, not the sad times when he was no longer himself.

When I gave a speech at his funeral last year, I did exactly that, sharing the moments when he seemed to be - to the growing boy anyway - on top of the world. Most of the people attending the funeral didn't know that side of him at all. Yes, that is probably how it is supposed to be. We walk forwards while the Spirit is working quietly in the background to heal the past.

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