Friday, November 24, 2017

Awakened Masculinity

There is a shift taking place. The awakened man is taking off his armor in order to communicate his feelings and understand the value of his emotions. He is conscious of the separation that has existed between the mind and the heart and is listening to his inner Voice. He is aware of the ego illusions and chooses to live authentically, always accountable for his actions. He is comfortable in his own vulnerability, choosing to be sensitive and compassionate, without sacrificing his strength as the protector. He is spiritual without the need to be religious and does not judge someone for having a different view to what he holds true. He genuinely cares for humanity and has a close connection to all of nature. He celebrates women as equal partners and is deeply sorrowful for how she has been mistreated and dominated by males throughout the ages. He passionately loves the woman’s feminine energy and lavishes adoration upon her for the goddess she is. He is conscious of his own masculinity and the qualities that an evolved woman is looking for.

Amen to that insight! I wish I had seen this note years ago when my spiritual journey started. What is of SPIRIT and what is of masculine self identity? What is aggressive, what is assertive, and what is loving spiritual energy? My shadow side complained about my spiritual, liberal, ‘wishi-washi self understanding’. The demon inside of me forced me to become more assertive, allowing the occasional loud roar of the Leo that I am apparently born to be. Yet, at the same time I opened up to the divine female energy and found my balance in the yin and yang interplay with the Awakened woman. It took me a while to get here, and I still struggle occasionally with these conflicting energies. For the male spiritual reader, good that unlike me then you now have a road map in hand!

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