Sunday, November 26, 2017

Spread the Gospel

Do you know what is a meme is? It is a psychological message that spreads from person to person. We have encountered many negative ones in our lifetime; statements like ‘you are ugly’, ‘you are fat’, or, ‘you are a loser’. On and on these commands infiltrated themselves into the depth of our subconscious until they have become part of our implicit world-view. Why do we pull each other down? Why don’t we root for each other for a change? Why don’t we lift each other up instead?

“You are here to give us hope Christian!”, a spiritual friend once said to me. ‘Wow!’, I thought, ‘what a concept!’ Fact of the matter is, we have a choice in this. We can walk the stairs up, hand in hand, or we can continue being driven by our fears and that of others. My friend expressed what I wanted to do anyway, but it felt good hearing it for the first time. Can there be a better mission? Let’s lift each other up with wise decisions, kind actions and positive memes!

‘The world is your oyster if you believe that it is. Our subconscious is that powerful as the Law of Attraction claims. With an attitude like that, nothing can beat us. Every time we stumble, we use the experience as an opportunity to do better next time, and aim even higher as we do. A missed step becomes a stepping stone for our next attempt. Let’s go out and perform miracles together. Most importantly, don’t forget to spread the gospel!

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