Monday, November 27, 2017

Stairways to Heaven

One day she realized that she had supernatural powers. She was a psychic and could occasionally look into the future. She knew things about a person like no one else could. A wise man once said to her that if she only left her powers behind she could go all the way on the Stairways to Heaven already in this lifetime. But she couldn’t do that. She had many animals to support, and had a lifestyle that made other spiritual travelers jealous. Her regular charges are $100 for a 30 minute reading. Yet now and then these rich clients would show up when they were desperate. Knowing that she was the best in the industry, they would pay any price.

The Indian 19th century sage Sri Ramakrishna once said that we should be aware of the metaphysical powers that we develop along the Awakening course. When we fall in love with them, we get distracted from our journey towards enlightenment. Yet who can say what is of GOD, what is of ego, and what is our Soul longing. Only we can! We are all evolving according to our Soul longings. Develop your talents, and use them to assist others. GOD will show you the WAY HOME!

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