Tuesday, December 26, 2017

A warrior of the light?

He who lives by the sword dies of the sword.

If we are called to participate in the world’s ‘battle of good and evil’, so be it. Don’t forget though, GOD can fight HER own battles if SHE so chooses. We spiritual travelers are here to express our true Self that lies beyond this struggle. The fighters among us are working off our karma and are given the opportunity to let go of the burden of the past.

Just because we are the warriors of the light does not mean that we will succeed. The ‘battle of good and evil’ is there to set us free. Our spiritual mission is to demonstrate that we always have the choice to choose love over hate. The day comes when we are given the chance to put our sword down and simply walk away off the battle field.

Don’t take the ‘battle of good and evil’ so seriously. Remember, when the battle is over, villains, heroes and by-standers shake hands and switch roles for the next battle. We spiritual travelers move on to freedom instead. Never mind the battle’s outcome. Our victory is guaranteed as transcendence awaits us. The warrior of light becomes the light.

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