Tuesday, December 12, 2017


The boundless dimension of existence is denied to those who remain within the limitation of logic.

Over a time span of ten years I resolved the tensions of the group members at work simply by being there. My different bosses called me wolf, glue guy, and emotional center. All of them did their best to describe what is hard to describe: I provided trust with my very presence. It was a group of expert who were as diverse as could be, but my working style included them all.

It is hard for our modern society to understand the role of ‘Light-workers.’ Take them away and everyone quarrels. Have them in the middle of the operation and everything functions smoothly. If you are one of us you will know what I am talking about. Never mind if your colleagues don’t quite get your importance, GOD rewards HER workers handsomely. Again though, logic doesn’t get the ‘currency’ we are paid in either.

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