Monday, December 11, 2017

Knowing and Healing

Knowing why things are as they are is not a requisite to abundant and graceful living.
(Carl Bozeman)

If you want to get insights into the inner workings of cravings, the psychological baggage of the past, and the bondage of addictions, I recommend the two superb books by Caroline Knapp, ‘Appetites’ and ‘Alcohol - A Love Story’. With brilliant psycho-therapeutic insights about her past, and will-power, she managed to beat anorexia as well as alcoholism. Alas, her body couldn’t handle the abuse of the past. At still a young age, cancer got the better of her.

There is understanding and there is healing, and both are necessary to underpin the recovery. 
Understanding the troubles of the pasts allows us not to repeat the mistakes. Healing, however, requires solving subconscious knots, as well as letting go of the baggage of the past. I am a spiritual coach. I help people find their SELF and their mission in life. I know my limits though, the actual healing process a higher Authority takes care of.

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