Monday, December 18, 2017

Returning to the Garden of Eden (Revisited)

The fruit of only one tree was ‘forbidden’ in the symbolic garden. Eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge is a symbolic expression for the usurping the ability for self-creation. (A Course in Miracles)

What exactly is mis-creation? When you go to work in order to pay your monthly bills and find that you sometimes have to look the other way in order to pretend not to see the stuff that is not so kosher before GOD. Is that mis-creating?

It depends! At each point life presents us with choices, and for us spiritual travelers these choices are an opportunity to express our true Self. ‘Not-so-kosher stuff’ is fine if our mission is healing. It is spiritually harmful otherwise!

Rome wasn’t built in a day though. It takes time to synchronize life with our true Self. A spiritual path is a journey of following the energy. Doors open to people and projects that give new life and meaning to us. Doors close to the stuff that pulls us down. 

Follow the energy! Follow the love and synchronicity! Soon you are only expressing your true Self. Yes, we were responsible once upon a time for shutting ourselves out of the Garden but the door is still wide open. We can return any day!

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