Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Love Reigns

The ego says, “I want it thus!”
The Zen Master observes, “It is as it is.”
SPIRIT says, “It is as it is, and as it is, is good.”

A spiritual path is essentially a guided tour to remove prior conditioning and ego involvements. Like an artist, we see a world that not everyone can see. Everything and everyone is connected by Oneness. It is an observation to perceive life as One. Every scientist with an open mind can become spiritual. The jump to religion, however, takes another step.

GOD permeates everything and everyone, and HER language is love. It is a vision to perceive every situation as love, or the cry for it. It is a step from spirituality to religion to appeal to SPIRIT to make the situation at hand whole and loving again. Every spiritual traveler will eventually become religious in this sense. In a self-less world, love reigns.

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