Monday, January 29, 2018

Pain Body

Pain bodies are relicts of the past. The pain inflicted on us by others perhaps; the accumulated destructive energy of conflicting programs running through us; or it is both feeding on each other. There are healers who can lift the burden, but without changing course, it is just a pain reliever. The Way helps us to change direction. Our spiritual path encourages choices that remove the inner conflicts and we stop adding more baggage to what we already carry with us. Over time, with effort and determination, life encourages us to dispose the heavy burden of the past by the Way-side. 

The biggest insight is to to accept the past without judgement. Our mistakes were necessary to get to this day. Maybe we cannot help judging the people who inflicted the pain, but we can stop cursing them by focusing on the journey at hand away from them. The pain body got us here, now let’s heal and transform the dark past into something beautiful. Have a look at the dark bag that stands before you. There is always a present waiting for you hidden inside. Muster your strength and claim it!

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