Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Power of the Network - 144 000

You may have heard about the prediction that a spiritual elite will carry humanity into the next stage of spiritual Awakening. Yesterday, I herd a talk by Jordan Peterson (12 Rules for Life) that reminded me of the old power law, that essentially the square root of the population of an institution drives the success of the entire operation. Out of 9, this number would be 3; out of 10 000, it would be 100, and so forth. Well, take the square root of the estimated population 9.7 billion people on planet earth in 2050, and you get a square root of around 100 000. Well, close enough.

If you are one of the chosen ones of the transition team, enjoy! If your turn comes a generation or two later, consider yourself special too. The power law is misleading in that it only shows the people standing in the light. They wouldn’t be standing there without the people providing them with the energy to be in the lime-light. Imagine an army of light-workers holding hands, catapulting the friends standing at the end of the chain over the finish line. That is the power of the network at work. No matter where we might be on our path to GOD. Let’s have fun hanging out with each other and let’s do our job.

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