Saturday, February 17, 2018

Embrace and Express Your Emotions

There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid faking their own Soul.
(C.G. Jung)

We fear our emotions.  We don’t like to feel anxious, restless, angry, or lonely. We hate to be depressed, or afraid.  We do all sorts of activities to dispel these feelings.  We get on social media; we go shopping; we hang out with friends; we do our spiritual affirmations, we meditate, or burry our head in work.

The truth is, whatever we do, these emotions will still resurface from time to time.  The harder we try to dispel our feelings, the more forceful they are repressed into the depth of our being. It is like trying to push a basketball under water; it always pops up with a splash.

How about taking another approach instead. How about releasing these emotions as they surface. The key to releasing these emotions is to experience what is happening to us consciously.  Instead of trying to repress them, this time around we just go along with the flow of life and allow them to flow right through us. We allow the discomfort to be there. We accept the pain present in our life. When we take this approach, these emotions flow through us like water is running down a river-bed.

When we welcome and express our emotions, our body becomes a channel and we expresses the energy of the universe. No matter what our mind may think about it, we become non-judgmental. We accept, express and release the energy without getting defined by it. It doesn’t stock to us, and we are harmoniously united with the universe moment by moment!  We feel the lively energy flowing through us!

When we are open up to our emotions, we understand who we truly are. Universe and us are finally one! Enjoy the harmony of life!

My life is a song;
a beautiful song.
Sometimes it is a happy tune,
and sometimes a sad one.
I happily sing along!

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