Sunday, February 18, 2018

Spiritual Ascendency (Updated)

Delay will hurt you now more than before, only because you realize it is delay, and that escape from pain is really possible.
(A Course in Miracles)

Some say that when you eat meat, you upset your delicate spiritual system and that is why many religions advocate a vegetarian diet. I think this is entirely possible and I have stuck to this experiment for the last four years. Actually I started on moral grounds to protest against the grotesque meat production industry in the western world. Whether this decision catapulted me on my spiritual path I can’t tell; though, I took notice when my spiritual friend who always mocked me for this decision suddenly turned vegan from one day to the next.

I am not very fond of following some perceived spiritual wisdom; the 'thou shall' and the 'thou shall not' rules that are supposedly good or bad for our spiritual evolution. In my experience, we only need to adjust our behavior when Spirit knocks on our door. In the case of my decision to turn vegetarian it was quite simple, my sister-in-law gave me a book on the US meat production industry as a birthday gift. ‘That’s simply insane”, I thought to myself. Before I read this book I rather follow its sublime message and stop eating meat!

Spiritual ascendency is about increasing vibration. We have become upgraded, and with it, our energy frequency and behaviors change. We can no longer hang out with all the people we used to. Our jobs may change, and we can no longer tolerate some of the stuff that we used to do. Spiritual ascendency is something that is provided by the Grace of God, though our actions certainly influence the timing of this act. When the different energy centers open up, expect many changes. You can look forward to having more energy, a constant feeling of peace and connectedness and you have command of some metaphysical powers that the spiritual books like emphasizing.

Unfortunately there is also stuff that you need to cut out; old psychological baggage that you need to throw overboard before you can set your sails again into a new direction. There is a little back and forth to leave that stuff behind. Old, out-grown energy patterns is the fortress our ego loves defending. Eventually though, we get the message and manage to break free from it. Refusal to comply will lead to a loss in energy that simply feels dreadful. As the Course in Miracles reminds, the Awakening process cannot be turned back, but it can be delayed. You may try a few times, but soon realize that it is just not in your best interest.

What exactly it is that you can do or should not do is something you can find out experimentally. You stick to the activities that empower you and avoid the activities that cut into you power base. It is as simple as that. My hunch is that these experiences are all unique for each spiritual traveler. We all approach our Source from different angles. For some it is not eating meat, for others it is not having sex. There are some who always insist on speaking the truth, etc, etc. Let’s show each other which exception justifies the rule. I would rather hear from your experience than conjecture what the possible Ten Commandments are.

I have written frequently on my blog on addiction, not because I am exactly an expert on this subject but because the journey of breaking free from the ego and the struggle to escape the hungry ghosts of the past can feel quite similar. What both groups have in common is that they essentially no longer have a choice! Everything boils down to an all-or-nothing decision. The alcoholic passes by the liquor store and may be tempted to go for it just because he had a bad day at work, or because he fears being all by himself. He knows that with the first open bottle the floodgates are wide open and a giant downhill spiral will follow.The alcoholic has seen this movie before and knows how it ends. One day he will reach that point where the bottle remains closed forever. Likewise, once you have experienced the energy level, power and peace associated with a spiritual transition, you have little choice but to do what the Awakening process dictates. For me Jesus and Buddha's last temptations were about reaching this final step to break free. In Jesus’ famous “Get Thee behind me Satan” command, he may as well have addressed his ego instead.

I called my first book “The Magnificent Experiment”, and probably hit the gist of our spiritual journey on its head. There is no faith required in the spiritual ascendency process; it is pure energy dynamics. All we have to do is to follow the leads of life’s cues and follow the energy. I am a scientist by training, so I am a big believer that you need to figure things out for yourself. You need to work out what is consistent with your journey and what not. Just be honest, be open to listen to different views, try them and be ready to embrace change because your energy vibrations change all the time and something that may have worked for you yesterday may not work any longer today.

Are there any observations off the beaten spiritual path you like to share?

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Two cues-in your article "one was [the idea that conviction was our own] the other [to be found by Self] therefore no one technique or approach is suitable for all.. as Siddhartha stated to the Buddha- I find nothing corrupt in your teachings- but one does not teach enlightenment- therefore i will continue on my journey... Herman Hesse Translation...