Monday, February 19, 2018

True Healing

True healing leads us to God.  Only God can heal us. Often we search in the outside world for answers and neglect the wisdom that is already inside of us. God lives in us.

This realization doesn’t mean that we cannot get help from other people. To the contrary, God heals us sometimes through others. God has many messengers ready to help. God’s Angels are everywhere. Still, always remember the most sacred connection, our own Soul. We carry that eternal God connection with us, always.

True healing empowers us and gives us strength to face the situations we need to deal with. We gain wisdom and strength as we face life. True healing leads us to ourselves and God because we finally understand that without God, no one can heal. True healing leads us to rely on God.

When we are finally ready to help other people as God’s instrument, we help people just like how God helps us. He stands by us. He doesn’t take away our issues. With His trust and encouragement, we gain the strength to face our issues and tackle them one by one.  The more experience we have to deal with our issues at hand, the more confidence we have, and the more faith in God.

We can only connect with God when our minds are still.  When there is lots of noise in our minds, it’s hard to experience God’s presence and message. True healing leads us to trust and a mystic world opens up to us.  In that world, we no longer worry about what is happening to us in this mundane world.

When you experience God is with us all the time, and is always ready to help us, how can you have fear?  How can you feel not loved?  How can you not be healed? True healing leads us to faith and now we are gifted with the healing power.

Thank you, my dear Heavenly Father!  Thank you for your love and guidance!  I love You!

By Su Zhen

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