Thursday, March 1, 2018


Someone once told me that we effectively are the energy of the five people we spend the most time with. Take a good look around at home, work, and your private life. Do you like what you see? The Ascension process works that way. As new energy centers open up we start repelling people who were in our life before. This could be life partners, or friends. Often we are encouraged in the Awakening process to change jobs from one day to the next.

In all the climbing we have to let go the ballast of the past to let the Montgolfier rise into the stratosphere. This is a natural process. The subconscious has to follow our vision of Awakening. Let life tell you what to do. If you ascend only in your head, if you deliberately cut ties with people and places as you feel spiritually superior, chances are your subconscious will catch up with you. Restlessness and depression are classic symptoms that our head may see what our heart fails to comprehend.

The Ascension process is natural. Just follow the Signs and walk boldly through the open doors without wasting precious time with any of the closing doors.

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