Friday, March 30, 2018

I Am With GOD

We get a couple of questions from the spiritual newbies all the time, how do we know whether a spiritual Awakening process has started for real, and what exactly is Enlightenment?

You know when the Awakening process has started just as every pregnant woman realizes one day that a new life is in her. A new life starts. A new communication channel with the Beyond opens up; and you become aware of GOD permeating everyone and everything, as well as all the ego tantrums.

You my ask, why is not everyone enlightened if an almighty GOD eagerly waits for our Home coming. Well, that’s where the free will comes in. We still have stuff to do and cravings to fulfill. The 19th Century Indian Mystic Sri Ramakrishna put it that way: if a child plays with his toys, the Holy Mother happily works in the kitchen. The moment the boys throws down his toys and starts screaming, that’s when she comes running and gives him a hug.

It is noble to seek ‘enlightenment’, but it is still a craving of sorts. GOD is permeating everything and everyone. We can have our Conversation with GOD Here and Now just by being. Let’s enjoy this world we live in until that blessed Conversation takes place. Walking the Way is a lot of fun!

For those who practice numerology, that’s how I would communicate the gist of this note:

‘I AM with GOD’ adds to 1 if you add up all the letters. One is the number of the Son (or the Daughter) of GOD. During the Conversation the world as we see it ceases to exist. It is a blessed stage indeed. Yet, for those of us who still have a few passions to burn and a few cravings to put aside, the second best world Here and Now is also pretty nice.

‘I AM with GOD Here and Now’ adds to 2 in numerology. We are part of this wold, yet, we see GOD permeating everything and everyone. The number 2 stands for Love in numerology. Be the Love Here and Now and you shall be with GOD every step of the Way.

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