Sunday, April 1, 2018

Body, Mind, and SELF

It must have happened to you that you were so involved in something that you literally didn’t experience the body. Everything was flowing through you and the body was an instrument to experience the moment. Yet, it was just there somehow; you merely experienced your body as an after-thought.

It must also have happened that you were captured by a moment that was so magnificent that your thoughts simply froze. You were captured by the Holy Now and thoughts did not get into the Way. At that moment, only Awareness of what is was experienced.

When it comes the body, mind, SELF only the latter exists. The body is just a simulation exercise of countless neatly arranged energy particles. The mind is the metaphysical instrument that allows us to perceive the SELF here on planet earth. Yet, when we function properly, the SELF flows effortlessly through it.

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