Monday, April 2, 2018

Happy Day

Conception happens when a Soul is ready to sign up for the game of life once again. Birth happens when the day 1 for a new life is ready to commence. Everything unfolds with little consideration whether the parents are ready or not. The birth procedure is no longer quite as painful than in the olden days; we have epidurals now; delivery is no longer quite as dangerous as we can perform a cesarean now should complications arise. Yet, despite all our scientific knowledge the pain of giving birth is still immense, but every mother will confirm that this simply the price of creating a new life with countless blessings coming in future years they wouldn’t miss for anything.

If you have followed me thus far, it will probably be not hard to swap the physical baby with the metaphysical notion of having spiritual breakthroughs. It is the same thing! Life’s messiness will one day impregnate you, and the birth of the new you will take place whether you feel ready or not. A mother is biologically able to give births to a few children over a 30 year time span, you will experience spiritual breakthroughs all your life. There is pain, but there is also incredible joy. The journey is relentless for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be for you. Get in front of it; align your life with the Soul mission that wants to be expressed. It is a happy day today—the Son is being born!

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