Thursday, March 15, 2018

I, Thou and IT

Dr. Freud caused a revolution when he summed up the aim of the European Enlightenment movement with his claim that we can can awaken to our super-ego and that we can delve into the depth of our subconscious. Alas, something was missing in his elegant world-view; it has no room for spirituality, and it as no concept of the possibility that GOD may permeate everything that we experience and that we are about.

I, Thou and IT is the mirror theory to Freud. Instead of making the omnipresent ‘I’ the goal of our life, we tell folks that the ‘I’ will in fact melt in the duality of Thou and IT. ‘Thou’ is our notion of GOD’s Kingdom that we Awaken to; ‘IT’ is the FORCE that brings us HOME. Some call it the WAY, some call it Spirit or Soul, some call it humanity. When the traveler has come HOME, and when the dust settles, IT remains, and nothing but. The ‘I’ is enlightened to see that it was all a mirage.

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