Wednesday, March 14, 2018

I Wanna Be Like Bob

I remember reading one day about a professor—named Bob—who managed to energize his students, no matter what the subject matter, and no matter who he talked to. The author saw him in action and felt jealous. He could only conclude in amazement, ‘I wanna be like Bob!’ I read this book at a time before my Awakening had started. I was passionate about global investing in these days, but I wasn’t working with the people who had a similar mindset. I had too many encounters when my passions failed to set my counterparts on fire. So I too concluded, ‘I wanna be like Bob!’

The secret to life is living itself. Don’t take your mission too seriously; just take it as an inspiration that tells you which path to travel. Otherwise, it is the conversation here right now that matters, and nothing but! It is the situation at hand that define us! Live your life well, and you will be a lightening bolt in other people’s life. Yes, I have the mission of being an educator, writer and spiritual coach, and I will see my mission through. But the way to get there, is one meaningful interaction at the time that sees the sparks flying. Come to think of it, I am already a little bit like Bob.

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