Saturday, March 10, 2018

Just Switch that Station

He was at a pretty exciting basket ball game. Yet, all he could do was to think of how the love of his life was probably in bed now with that other guy, and there was nothing he could do about it. All night he carried that painful image with him.

Next morning the alarm clock went off, and as he pushed the snooze button, he saw a headline, ‘global stocks in free fall’; immediately his thoughts went to his retirement savings at risk, but then he laughed it off, “stock rise and fall, I don’t give a *@$#!”

As he was drifting off to sleep, his mind went to a sexual fantasy but he stopped that thought in the tracks. Going down that road is like going to his favorite Korean restaurant, the food is spicy and delicious, but no water can quench the resulting thirst.

When we are in the flow, in meditation, or feel love, life and energy flows through us. We don’t think; we interact with life. It is the natural state of consciousness without the ego’s tunnel vision. Along a spiritual path, these states become frequent and natural.

Then there are the ego moments that can mostly be stopped at will. Some are harder to deal with, such as a lost love, annoying life problems, or poor health, but everyone can find favorite activities and environments that center consciousness back to life itself.

Along a spiritual Awakening journey, it is very much at our disposal to enjoy ‘what is’ every step of the Way. We have to deal with life’s problems just as anyone else, but the endless chatter of the the mind we can silence simply by switching the station.

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