Friday, March 23, 2018

The 6 Phases of Spiritual Empowerment

I was watching these videos yesterday on youtube from a woman who described her awakening phases. I was surprised to learn how closely aligned our experiences were especially since I tend to believe our awakening is unique to us. I am curious to see if anyone here has similar experiences or maybe some variations.

Here are the 6 phases she described:

1) The Undoing - the catalyst experience, when you see your perceived reality is no way accurate to how the universe actually functions.

2) Sensitivity - Heightened Awareness, now we feel the world around us whereas before we were closed off. Eventually turns into a gift, but is difficult to manage at first.

3) Infusion of Kundalini Energy - Where it seems like you are given special powers, but this time shows you what you are here to do on earth. A very noticeable experience, you will know if this has happened. Chakra balancing. Burning off the past thoughts and feelings. Intense dreams. Living multi-dimensionally. Feelings of pure love and acceptance.

4) The Dark Night of the Soul - the ego death, after the kundalini energy burns out all your systems. You can never go back to where you were. An intense period of growth. Where you embrace the dark so that the dark & light merge and become one.

5) Integration - slowly bringing parts of your spiritual self here on earth, grounding the energy so you can participate in the world again and be of service to others. The beginning of embodiment.

6) Empowerment & Harmony - Not so many highs & lows, but balanced and at peace. Better discernment. You know exactly why you are here and can carry it out. Embodiment.

Every phase experienced can go in and out even if it was completed, although it will be short lived and not as intense.
(Monique Abrams, Spiritual Intellect FB Group)

Thanks to Monique for forwarding this concise description of what the Awakening process looks and feels like. I am in the tenth year of spiritual awakening and below is a quick description of my experience.

1. I always go back to an ‘orgasmic’ energy experience I had 10 years ago in a crowded conference room of all places. But the true head scratcher that started the search for the Way was the time when I received messages from the Beyond in form of music played in the radio and license plate messages.
2. I am not an empath by any means, but I went from 20% to 80% in a few years.
3. It is an ongoing process … and it feels good
4. Boy, I had a few of those. I had to learn to open up to my feelings and get out of my head. Kudos to Suzanne Yang for helping me with this transformation
5. That’s the phase I am in these days
6. Another phase that I am in; I am doing well, mostly.

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