Thursday, March 22, 2018

Why do we need spirituality?

Sometimes I tell people who have just awoken to the head scratcher world of synchronicity that I receive messages from the Universe from Massachusetts license plates. That typically gets a chuckle. Yet, impressive as synchronicity theme appears to the spiritually inclined modern mind, all it really says to us is, ‘get out of your head, everything is connected with everything; let me show you the magic!’

Do you really think people in medieval times needed synchronicity to know that they are surrounded by magic? They believed it and consequently saw it. Spirituality is the renaissance of what people learned from nature, shamans and their spiritual beliefs: we are One. Get out of your head and let life flow through you. No spiritual books needed, just the fearlessness to open up to the inner child who is willing and able to see the world anew each and every day.

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