Monday, March 26, 2018

The Funny Thing about Memories

I had two episodes in my life when I was truly happy, my soccer playing youth in Germany and my 5 year stay at graduate school in Providence, RI. My youth was playful and full of passion, whereas in Providence as a graduate student, I felt for the first time truly free. I had an advisor I got along well with. We spent as much time solving economic and mathematical problems together as we played soccer on the field. When I was offered a job in the financial industry after graduation though, I said good-bye to academics and my advisor, and never looked back.

These days I am thinking about returning back to my academic roots and teach. So I reached out to my advisor, not really knowing how he would respond after my 20 years of silence. In particular, I remembered our last conversation in Boston of all places that didn’t go so well. His email response was short and sweet, ‘yes, I remember your academic as well as your soccer accomplishments’. Yes, memories are funny that way, I had even forgotten about our soccer playing times.  Never presume you know what others are thinking. Even weirder, the memories of others may adjust with our own attitude.

The past is alive, as is the future. Everything is embedded in the Holy Now.

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