Sunday, March 25, 2018

Where art Thou?

Ask me about GOD and I have little to say. Unlike Moses, and many other enlightened folks, I haven’t had my personal Conversation in front of the burning bush. Yet, I receive daily glimpses of what lies Beyond, and I am always on the look-out for the divine spark. Angels, Spirit, Synchronicity, Soul, Love, the Way; all of these concepts are attempts to describe what lies Beyond. We see Signs; we perceive the Holy Spirit in our interaction with others; we dance with the Now in all of life’s occurrences.

I don’t understand people who contrast the Awakened from the folks who are supposedly asleep; I have no idea what a 3D, 4D or 5D world is supposed to be about. I only see equals wherever I go. People who mirror something about me back; folks who help me define myself, and the many friends who have a message for me.

Let me give you a little example in this direction. I remember picking up a book in a store a few years ago. I was really excited about it, ‘The Dao of Neuroscience’ by Alexander and Annellen Simkins; it seemed to combine everything about the direction I was taking in my spiritual quest. So I sat at Dunkin Donuts, reading it, drinking my coffee and waiting for my son’s basketball game to finish when a black guy in old clothes, who was possibly homeless, marched in. He probably was either drunk or high, but he smiled at me, saying, “you don’t need to read this one, brother.” He said it with so much authority that I instantaneously got his message. The time for reading is over. I haven’t picked up a single book since.

Where art Thou? Where is the Beyond that eagerly wants me Home? Everywhere!

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