Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Game

The ego is an illusion which ends with death but the karma remains, it is given another ego in the next existence.
(Carl Jung)

The Soul is a time-and life-arbitrator. It is a mathematical program that allocates life-times, missions, problems, Soul families, luck, misfortunes, etc. to bring each individual out of the Matrix on the fastest Way possible, subject to the condition that we have a free choice in what we do. Of course, ‘free’ is not quite as potent as it sounds given that we are primed every step the Way.

The ‘game’ is not as as dark as ‘The Matrix’ movie makes it appears. In fact, the ‘game’ that we are embedded in was created by a Force that permeates everything; this Force waits patently for us to Awaken, and would move Heaven and earth to help us in the Awakening process. Find the Way to appeal to this Force to come Home, and you have already made it.

The Way of Wisdom (Lao-Tzu) is to see ego as an illusion. The Way of Christ is to cancel out ego with its opposing force, love. The Way of Lord Krishna (dharma) is to let karma run its course without adding anything new in the process. The Way of the Buddha is to be still and realize that I AM GOD. It has been fun playing with you all, but it is getting time to go Home.

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