Monday, March 12, 2018

The Law of Attraction Works—Well, Kind of …

He was an aspiring spiritual path traveler and constantly received messages from the universe. Life gave him little nudges along his journey which made it fun and gave him the feeling of being connected. But then one day as he programmed his subconscious mind in order to manifest a salary raise, he suddenly got a toothache. It was then when he remembered the words of the Lord, "Thou shall not use My Name in vain".

When you observe this story, you probably conclude with me that the superego of our spiritual path traveler acted up. The toothache was generated by his religious notions that are still part of his super-ego. It is unlikely that the Creator of an universe of mind-blowing size minds a little salary increase here or there. Can we break free from these conditioning with some practice and will-power? Sure, but don’t you think that as long as the ego is around, there will always be a force that is throwing wrenches on our manifestation skills, no matter how advanced we are?

Truth of the matter is that we are instant manifestors. In the days of the Garden whatever we visualized became instant creation. Alas, then we explored our own separate identity and began to alternate between the two worlds, GOD’s KINGDOM and our make-believe world. Synchronize with the WAY and increase your manifestation success ratio to 100 percent. There is nothing to do. Just show up and manifest the creation that seems ripe at that magnificent moment. GOD’s CREATIONS will flow right through you!

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