Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Strength of our Weakness

We often dislike our weak points.  As a matter of fact, we often want to hide them from people.  Often we condemn them and wish them away.

It turns out our weakness has a great message for us. If not for our weakness, would we learn to accept and love people who have a similar problem? Doesn’t the admission that we are human in the end make us more compassionate? It even works the other way around, once we tolerate others with their weakness we may just become a little kinder with ourselves.  Isn’t it a crime in the end that we merely wish our weakness away rather than using it as an opportunity gain a different perspective?

Our weakness teaches us how to open up to all of our sides, especially the neglected;
Our weakness also teaches us how to be compassionate with others;
Our weakness teaches us about the difficulties that we all face.
Our weakness connects us with other human beings.

When we open to our weakness, our journey towards wholeness starts.
When we open to our weakness, we are finding our Way Home; finally.
When we open to our weakness, we finally know how to love!

By Su Zhen

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