Saturday, May 26, 2018

From Roller Coaster to Conflict Resolved

Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering.
(Carl Jung)

My hunch is everyone is conflicted. Everyone has GOD’s Voice imbedded, and everyone has a self-led agenda that is as confused as it gets. Values embedded by society and parents often clash with our nature and our Soul. You could say, the lower the spiritual evolution, the easier it gets as far as the inner conflict is concerned. Yet, life led by the self is bound to be a roller-coaster ride. Spirituality has the answer for everyone who is tired of riding the roller-coaster. Become authentic, express your Self.

Roller-Coaster stands for my two initials, Robert and Christian. Robert is on a roll when he is at it. Strategizing in the financial industry in the olden days, or lecturing others with his doctor title. Robert is also repressed since his Christian values don’t allow him to be as ruthless as the aggressive fellow next door. He is simply too kind. That’s where Christian comes in. He is centered and calm. You may say, simply make Christian in charge, but it is unfortunately not that easy. Christian is also conflicted.

Our nature is what it is. I choose my meals at the Thai or Indian restaurant based on the stars of hot peppers on the menu, whereas the doctor of my father used to say that he was the only patient he had ever treated with a salt deficiency. You have to accept your nature and build your life around it. Authenticity does the job for you. Life is there to help you express yourself authentically. No roller-coaster needed, just steady chipping away of everything that was super-imposed on you. Authenticity sets the SELF free.

My spiritual friends call me CR because they meet someone who is a bit more rounded and eccentric than the author Christian Wiese. A bit more spice and wit and a lot more hearty laughter. One example in that direction, my diet. The Bhagavad Gita looks down on the Rajasic desire for spicy food, whereas I say it was GOD-sent for helping me through my vegetarian diet. Similarly, trust that life has all the answers for you to live an authentically. Do not be ashamed of who you are. Embrace it, run with it, and polish that unique gem GOD created with your help. CR has solved the Gordian Not for good, you might even say for GOD! From Roller Coaster to Conflict Resolved!

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