Thursday, May 24, 2018

Never mind raw emotions

I’m going to tell you something, thoughts are never honest. Emotions are."
(Albert Camus)

Shadow work sometimes comes up in psychological or spiritual discussions. I would never advise anyone to dig intentionally in the dark corners of our Soul. Our spiritual vibration is lower around our wounds and once the vibrations dampen, it is easy to get sucked into a much lower vibration state. Put differently, why would we willingly climb down the stairs when the whole point of our spiritual journey is about climbing the stairways to Heaven?

Yet, when the Dark Night of the Soul episode bubbles to the surface on a lonely full moon night, accept it and be one with it. You may still have your heads in the clouds and your raw emotions are telling you that something is not quite right inside. Let the light shine on the dark corner of your Soul. Let healing take place. Find that life philosophy that embraces all parts of your being, not just the spiritually kosher ones. Amazing insights will be streaming in and set the stage for yet another powerful inner integration process.

When the Dark Night of the Soul passes, another big step towards wholeness has been taken. No guilt, no remorse, just moving forward. Use the honest emotions to have the next spiritual Aha moment. Afterwards, use your updated philosophy to prepare yourself for the next emotional outburst. That’s how we climb the stairways of Heaven, one spiritual Aha moment at a time. Two steps forwards, one step back.  We learn on the Dark Night of the Soul  why we act that way. We are given remedies for our affliction. The darkness of the night was created to let the sun shine a little brighter the next day.

The Dark Night of the Soul is part of the Awakening process. Let GOD shine light on the darkness of our Soul, and let wholeness set the stage for holiness.