Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Message of the Demon: Break Away

Brothers, take not one step in the descent to hell. For having taken one, you will not recognize the rest for what they are. And they will follow.
(A Course in Miracles)

The ‘devil’ is inviting us to take the next step down the ladder on the stairways to GOD. The curious thing though, the ‘devil’ doesn’t really exists. We have made him, and have given power to him by ‘slipping’ on our journey towards truth and authenticity yet again. As it turns out, so much of this ‘slippage’ is us playing good cop and bad cop with ourselves. Below in the link I am sharing a powerful dream that might be a good example in this direction. I met my demon in a dream. Scary as he was then, I realized over the years that he in fact only wanted to help me, not hurt me. We don’t need more will-power to cope with our demon. We need a break-through instead. Let’s not work any harder, as the saying goes, let’s work smarter.


The Message of the Demon
The lion and the lamb lying down together symbolize that strength and innocence are not in conflict, but naturally live in peace. (A Course in Miracles)

At the onset of my spiritual awakening I had a strange dream. I was in a vacation resort when I heard on the radio that convicts had broken out from a near-by prison. I looked around and saw a group of them approaching me. 'Look", someone shouted, "there is fresh meet." I ran away and someone followed me. I ran into a building and somewhere on the second floor he caught up with me. We wrestled and both crashed through a window onto a balcony. That was the first time I had a good look at him. I was tall as me, muscled like a body-builder, and had a clean-shaven head. His face looked grotesque, just like you would imagine a demon to look like. Amazingly, despite his intimidating look I could keep him at arms-length fairly easily. The calmer I got, the more furious he became. Then I woke up.

I had encountered my dark side. It took me a while to understand what it was all about but eventually I figured out that the demon just mirrored back to me my suppressed aggressiveness. A multi-year soul-searching process started that reveled to me that I was effectively a lion raised by lambs. I also realized that I was well-positioned to bring these repressed desires to the surface. In my job as a financial strategist I had to stand up for my ideas and for the people who worked with me. I was taught that situation-specific assertiveness is not in conflict with spirituality at all; in fact, there are times when the WAY demands it. Lion and lamb can lie together peacefully, just as it is written in the Bible.

I never saw the demon again, but I have made a career for myself thanks to his insistence to bring my competitive nature and hidden aggressiveness out there and let it work for me. In that way we should never be afraid of the dark side but should see it as an opportunity instead to do something creative with it. The demon literally has a present in hand for us once we are willing to look a little closer after our first scary encounter.

Do you already know what your demon is? What present will he have in store for you?

The demon in my dream just wanted to be recognized and understood. There are ‘good tidings’ waiting in the dark corners of our Soul. Pay attention to his message. The irony is in hindsight, no one wants us to take a step down the ladder. Not even the demon himself. The ‘devilish’ dark energy field pulls us in because we don’t know any better. We are sending a memo to ourselves to make a change. We need to find a spiritually kosher outlet to discover the authentic need in the dark corner of our Soul. We need to shine the light in. Once this awareness has taken hold, we would never willingly climb down the stairways to God. The struggle is over.

Socrates, in ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’ says, ‘The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new’. How true! Look for that new perspective. Don’t give power to the demon by giving in to his distorted cravings on a lonely full moon night, but by finding the next stage of integration that allows a more wholesome self to emerge. Make your self whole and realize that even the stairways to God is imagined. The wholesome self discovers GOD is right here next to us, always!

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