Saturday, June 2, 2018

Setting the SELF free

There is a time for offense,
and a time to play defense;
a time to listen, and a time to talk.
There is a time to express yang energy,
independent of  gender.
And there is always time for yin,
no matter how manly you think you are.
There is a time for success, and a time for loss.
There is a time for insight and wisdom;
there is even a time for raw emotions.

We cannot reach the SELF while residing in this body, but we can be part of that priceless satori moment when our self temporarily drops by the Way-side.  We can be part of that eternal moment in time that makes our life worth living. There is no rule book, no lesson learned, just another opportunity to take a perfect shot in the here and now. Hopefully we live to tell others about it. Some suggest meditation to realize the SELF; some advise prayer to appeal to the SELF. I am different from most, I find the SELF in the busyness of life.

Find the SELF in life’s creative process,
i.e. do your life mission; hang out with your Soul-mates.

Let life strip you of your wrong beliefs and self-identifications,
i.e. recognize self-abuse when you help others; recognize misunderstood ‘love’ as co-dependency.

Let life show you misplaced light-worker identifications,
i.e. your spiritual life mission runs into obstacles and you change course.

Recognize the authentic longings in the Dark Night of the Soul episodes;
i.e. the demon shows the finger to the ‘proper self’ and you realize that neither is the SELF.  

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