Wednesday, June 6, 2018

So What!

Our demon acts up sometimes. We blow a fuse in a tense situation; we get drunk even though we should know better. We lie when we finally could clear things up. We retreat in the line of fire. You fill in the blanks, there are probably have as many ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ episodes as we have spiritual travelers.

Why do you beat yourself up if you simply had a bad day? Your emotions got the better of you, so what! At least the thunder storm is past. You may have been better behaved before, but you also weren’t in equilibrium. Your emotions were bubbling beneath the surface just waiting for the opportunity to trigger another releasing explosion.

In the olden days we had to be civilized. We had to do the ‘right’ thing by GOD, by country and the society. Now the spiritual bar has been raised. We are encouraged to be with GOD here and now. No longer about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, today it is all about being authentic instead. Are you really deep down inside who you claim to be on the surface?

You see, just because you will yourself to do the ‘right’ thing by GOD or the society doesn’t mean that you are with GOD here and now. Maybe you are repressing right now what bothers you inside. Maybe you are praying to GOD to make that dark desire go away, but that doesn’t mean that you are with GOD here and now. It’s not enough!

Ask yourself why you feel deep down inside the way you do? That’s what shadow work is all about. We don’t let our fuses deliberately blow, but when they finally do, we don’t beat ourselves up over the missed step either. Instead we ask ourselves what the imbalance was all about and try to resolve it for good.

Be authentic here and now. So what if that doesn’t feel so great right now. Chances are GOD is always nearby.

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