Monday, July 30, 2018

When God is Playing Hide and Seek

In a story from the Srimad Bhagavatam, a saint is walking through the forest, and Lord Krishna appears to him out of nowhere. He falls to the ground, completely in awe of the Blue Lord’s presence. But as the natural cycle of life continues, Krishna moved on. And the saint was left there weeping for the return of Krishna. He wanted nothing more. He wept for hours, screaming for Krishna to come back.

Finally, when Krishna didn't come back, he gave up. He picked himself back up to continue walking, and just as he did that, Krishna appeared from behind a tree. The saint laughed, and fully understood all the teachings, he then walked with, and without Krishna, for the rest of his life, but had the fundamental, unshakable understanding, that Krishna is, and always was, here.

A friend told me the story and I understood the gist of God playing hide and seek with us. God is always present of course, we need reminding of our ego’s interfering presence. There was a time when I wanted to have that ‘Conversation with God’ and minded that I didn’t get it until I realized that my ego wants to know, wants to be looked up to, wants to lecture others. No more! I want to be with God here and now. That’s all!

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