Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Silence is with me wherever I go.
Silence is with me when I go deep into the mountain,
sun shines, flowers bloom, trees dance with the breeze,
a little stream whispers just like a summer dream.

Silence is with me when I sit by the beach,
wind passes by, wave in and out,
lights on the boats sparkling far away,
crickets sing just like a chorus,
me sitting there like a statue,
is there anyone there?
No one!

Silence is with me when I am practicing Tai Chi,
deep silence is with me,
music is flowing out like a stream,
the move, the chi, the bugs sing;
the hawks, the birds, are with me.
My Soul calms down, only beauty is filling the room.

Silence is with me when I walk in down town Hong Kong,
the rushing of people,
the honking of cars,
the endless high-rises,
the smells from the restaurants,
the fragrances people wear,
in the endless rushing in and rushing out,
I see a tree covered by orange flowers,
I hear the bugs humming in the background,
I feel breeze kissing me,
Time stands still,
I am with myself, totally, and silently.

By Su Zhen

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