Thursday, August 9, 2018

Enroll in UCLA

I had a dream. My old colleagues were meeting at the Reichtag, in Berlin, the city I was born. The Reichtag is the seat of the German government and has a checkered history. In fact, I grew up nearby. Given that I didn’t leave on the best of terms with my old company, it was a little awkward running into some of my former colleagues, but it was civil enough. To take the photos I needed, I asked a professional media guy—he was Turkish, just as many of my friends in Berlin, to help. We took a very narrow elevator to find a better spot to take that photo.

On the way down I remembered my economics classes and thought that they were all about the pressure of making good grades and not the love of the subject. Too sad, I thought to myself. The ride was a bit scary but we made it just fine. On the street we met his girlfriend as well, and since she knew about my new profession as author and spiritual coach, she presented some Freudian theory about why the relationship with her mother was so conflicted. I simply said to her, ‘unconditional love’, that’s what our relationship with our family relationships should be all about! She had tears in her eyes.

When I woke up my head was spinning. This never happens to me! They say the energies in the air on the Lion’s Gate (8/8/2018) are heavy, so this may have had something to do with it. As I reached for the IPad to write down the dream, I saw the confirming 5:55 time pop up. Yes, this dream is significant! I had seen a sign in my dream that the sturdy Reichstag didn’t withstand the test of time, the Nazi’s destroyed it with their war. Education and professional success is tainted, people have agendas there, but unconditional love is our birthright. Let’s manifest it!

The narrow elevator in the dream denotes by passage to my new profession. A razor’s edge maybe, but I have lots of support, and I just need to let it happen. All other legacies will vanish in the end. Graduate school theories wither over time, companies move on into the direction they perceive as most profitable, but unconditional love gets passed on from generation to generation. Don’t get me wrong, I have always loved science. I can also assure you it is fun to hang out with colleagues over decades and built something together, but unconditional love is the only thing worth living and striving for.

When I woke up I saw UCLA flashing before my eyes. I have graduated and now pursue the study of unconditional love—UCL—in the highest field of study at our disposal—our Atman—the study of our eternal God connection. So if you must enroll in higher studies, join UCLA. That’s what I do!

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