Friday, August 10, 2018

Autumn Rain

I love the rain!  I am especially fond of autumn rain!  It always makes me feel refreshed, cleaned, and connected to the core!  It always makes me feel like home.

It always rains a lot in my hometown in autumn.  As a matter of fact, it rained so much that it flooded almost the whole town and then they occasionally had to shut the schools down. I have these memories that I rode a bike to school while it poured!  I was all wet!  When I finally got to school, whenever the school was closed, I had to ride back again!  With all these ordeals, I still enjoyed the whole experience.

The wild white flowers bloomed by the riverbank; the rain poured; the river rushed; and I was alone! Today I realize, these are the times when I am Home.

By Su Zhen

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