Saturday, August 11, 2018

Should we Mind the Unhealed Healer?

Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?
(Luke 6:39)

We hear it all the time. Coaches, healers and psychics complaining about fake coaches with not so kosher intentions to make a quick buck. Spiritual coaches, claiming to be Awakened, only to pull their trusting clients in spiritual co-dependence relationship. Sure, it can be a bit scary out there for spiritual newcomers to choose, but then, have a little trust in your ability to read the energy of the situation. Be smart enough to keep a safety distance until the trust of the working relationship has been fully established. If you try something for a few weeks and it is not working out, learn from your mistakes and go with the recommendations of the folks you trust.

Yes, it would be nice to expose charlatans, but more often or not I give people who offer coaching and healing classes the benefit of doubt. ‘Live and let live’, is my motto. So what if the healer is not completely healed himself. If his intentions are good, his client will help him to his next spiritual break-through just as he helps his client to advance. That’s how the Way operates. It brings together people who can grow together. Make sure that your intentions are right, and be humble enough in the beginning. Maybe you can initially provide your services free of charge. Compare yourself with a medical doctor who first has to pay for his education and afterwards enrolls in many trainee programs.

The Millennials feel empowered, and rightly so. Technology, and social media has empowered this generation like never before. Why not? We New Agers teach that ‘ye shall be as God’s’, so it is only fair if the younger generation takes that concept and runs with it. Yet, humility is also part of getting to the next stage of spiritual empowerment, otherwise you are just on another ego trip, disguised as a noble spiritual quest. I am not minding the unhealed healer because I have faith in the Holy Spirit. Isn’t it also written ‘Whenever two or more gather in My Name, there I shall be among them?’Let’s teach each other and let’s empower each other. Surrounded by our friends, Soul mates and family we can see.

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