Monday, August 6, 2018

God’s Canvas

Therefore I say unto you,
what things soever ye desire,
when ye pray, believe  that ye receive them,
and ye shall have them. (Mark 11:24)

Isn’t it amazing that you can find ‘The Secret’ in the New Testament? Essentially, God has given us a canvas. Everything is energy in motion, nothing that we experience is truly real, and this matrix can be bent at our will, as long as deep inside we believe that we can. We spiritual folks say to leave this matrix behind for good, but not everyone shares our mission. There are many who still have a mission to fulfill in the confusing material world. If you want to be successful find a way bring conscious will and subconscious beliefs in accordance, and success will be yours. Isn’t it written, ‘only have faith as small as a mustard seed and you can command the mountain to move’?

Jesus discovers ‘The Secret’ that we can be miracle-minded and make whole wherever we go. While Jesus only concerned himself with the Kingdom of God, the Law of Attraction is more general in nature. Believe in abundance with body and mind, with heart and Soul, and it is yours, no matter whether it belongs to the spiritual or the material world. God has given us a divine canvas and what we end up creating with it, is entirely up to us.

Worldly                         Superstar                          
               Spiritual            Worldly      Subconscious

Isn’t true that there are some who can seemingly do whatever they please? On the spiritual side, we had Jesus and Buddha in the past, but many other spiritual giants followed them; Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna and Sai Baba of Shirdi, to name just a few enlightened gurus of the recent past. The reign of the  ‘superstars’ who broke the code in the material world may not have been quite as long-lasting, but were equally impressive when they were at the top of the world, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, to name just a few who briefly ruled the world in sports, pop, business, or even literally.

The 45 degree line that equals conscious and subconscious beliefs could be called God’s canvas. Magic happens here, and there is no moral value statement whatsoever how we express ourselves. Genghis Khan destroyed China and his blood-thirsty army made it all the way to Hungary topping empires wherever they went. It is said that 16 million modern day men can trace their DNA back to Ghengis Khan. Sadly, many women were taken against their will by him and his equally violent offspring in those days. He was ruthlessly successful in his endeavors. The matrix allows it because we have freedom of will, and in God’s eyes, whatever is not part of God’s Kingdom never happened anyway.

These days the ‘best of the best’ have matured a little in their worldly affairs, and predominately express their forceful yang energy in sports, entertainment and business. No one has any business telling anyone else what is supposed to give them meaning, and what brings satisfaction and happiness in the end. We spiritual folks advise to go inwards and discover the true life mission rather than living up to the expectations of others, or be driven by the demons of the past. Besides that, go and express your earthly mission. Get the partner of your dreams; express your talents and passions professionally, and enjoy material abundance as a reward if it is meaningful to you. Use God’s Canvass that is just waiting there for your creative touch. The Law of Attraction works for everyone.

Modern society operates mostly above the 45 degree line, with conscious will in material matters, yet not realizing that there is a spiritual dimension in the depth of their being waiting to be realized and expressed. Many of us spiritual travelers operate below the 45 degree line, wanting to be spiritual, but not yet embracing it with every part of our being. Alternatively, we may not own up to all of our worldly desires and life keeps on interfering with our spiritual missions until we finally do.

It took me the longest time to understand that our moral compass may lead us astray. Life is perfect in getting the stuff out of our system that still stands in the path of our journey Home. Not everything we are about has to be spiritual. Sometimes we have to dive right back into the stormy sea of worldly longings, and sometimes we just need to wait a little longer to finally feel the spiritual conviction in every fiber of our being. The Law of Attraction can help us expressing our life’s mission. God’s Canvas is waiting for us, so let’s express our talents and longings to the best of our abilities.

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