Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Just Get it Done

There has been a sea change in the spiritual awareness in recent decades. It now occurs to many of us that we can participate and flourish in today's society while deepening our spiritual journey at the same time. I have a hunch that reaching enlightenment is now easier than it was in the olden days. Every liberated soul who walks the earth makes the journey for the next follower just a little easier. Still, the big task remains the same for everyone, we have to leave our ego behind like a snake sheds its skin in order to discover the hidden gem inside.

The ego always shows up when we are lacking something, or when we think we do. Enjoying abundance in all areas of our lives, love, creative expression, and wealth, and the ego would find it harder and harder to make its presence felt. In the old days a spiritual person would have said we have to submit to lack, whereas today we feel increasingly empowered to do something about it, even if we are on a spiritual journey. Go after your desire and just get it done with. There is no right or wrong, there is only useful for our spiritual journey or not. Focus on your dreams, but be mindful that the ego doesn’t take you on wild-goose chases either.

When you work, express your talents and follow your passions but make sure that your creative energies are channeled into a purposeful direction instead of finding yourself on a power trip in disguise. When it comes to your body, have the right nutrition and exercise and do not shy to dress yourself in a way to accentuate your beauty, yet, if you make outer beauty a goal in itself, there will always be someone who makes you look second best. Some with your love life. Find the romantic partner of your dreams and ‘put a ring on it’, so to speak. Yet if you use her love because you cannot find it inside, or you seek approval by others, you will be chasing lovers for the rest of your life.

Abundance, joy and love, these are the three God-given blessings you can enjoy in all areas of your life. If you are lacking in either, go after your dreams with everything you got. God will happily wait for you! Just get it done with and come Home. The beauty of God-given gifts, they are always at your disposal. You just have to experience a shift in perception to enjoy them. The beauty of the quest, you learn something about the ego that way, getting you another step closer to the inner shift that is about to take place. If you are not quite there yet in some areas of your life, use dedication, hard work and persistence to get there. Just get it done!

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