Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Day the Ego was Born

The ego is a veil between humans and God.

Energy, mind, and matter, is all there is. From our perspective, Spirit, mind and body. Before the snake got the better of us in the Garden, the mind was a mere afterthought explaining how Spirit was guiding us. Then one day when when the mind was set free, it looked at the situation and concluded that body, spirit without the mind is just b s. And when it looked up in the urban dictionary what body mind and spirit—b m s—stands for; it read, ‘broke my scale’. Adam concluded, that’s right: Eve is a 10, I am a 10, and the guy lurking around at the gate of the Garden is a 5 at best. That was the day the ego was born, and the days when the doors to the Garden shut close. Are we ready to go Home?

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