Friday, August 3, 2018

What is Life?

What’s your idea about life?  Is listening to birds’ singing life?  Is walking to the park and stopping to smell flowers life?  Are diseases life?  Is work life?  Is washing dishes or doing laundry life? Is tackling our daily challenges life?  Is going to school life?  Is feeling sad when you wake up in the morning life?  Is enjoying a meal with good friend life?

Please take a look what you define with life and please also observe how you dance with life’s occurrences. Do you only define taking a stroll in the park life, or do you only define tackling the difficulties of life as worth living for? No one can answer these questions for you.  Please observe yourself how you feel when you deal with different activities. Your observation and understanding of yourself will bring you to liberation.

Often we have no idea how we are leading our life and just lead our life on auto-pilot.  We cannot free ourselves from bondage when we have no clues of how we really are.  And only you have this incredible ability to free yourself from these self-made prisons.  Observation of yourself and understanding yourself is the key!

May we all are open to different experiences life offers to us!  I am most grateful for all these incredible experiences I can enjoy, learn, and grow!  Thank you, my Heavenly Father for creating all these for us to experience; thank my father, and my mother for this amazing life!  I love you all!

By Su Zhen

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