Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Final Illusion

It ain't about how fast you get there
It ain't about the other side
It's the climb! (Miley Cyrus)

Enjoy your journey, whether you think of yourself as climbing one mountain after the other, or whether you think of yourself as sitting on a couch and letting the life lessons pass by one by one in your personalized video game. The important thing though, your life happens now and nothing else matters. If you are looking out to the other side you might trip over a stone.

So what is the final illusion? It is looking out for the final liberation, samadhi. How do you know who is looking? Is could be the mind with its endless urges for the more and the better. You tell yourself, once you are there everything will be better. I remember a thought once popped up in my head which said, "if enlightenment these days comes a dime a dozen, who will read my books when I reach samadhi?". I couldn't help laughing at the naivete of our ego. But that is what our mind does. It just takes the concept of the more, power, security, etc. and wraps some spiritual clothes around it. So enjoy every step of your journey and watch out for the final illusion.

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