Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Evolution of Conciousness

The new spiritual age has come some way in understanding our dark side. Gone are the days when we blamed the devil for our urges and temptations. We have developed the ego concept instead and are increasingly willing to look inside ourselves, even in the dark corners. The next step in our spiritual and psychological evolution will be to embrace our "dark side" rather than suppressing it. Debbie Ford makes this case convincingly in her "The Dark Side of Light Chasers". Actually, we have every reason to be proud. Our so called shadows often are remnants of millions of years of evolution. We have evolved from fish to reptiles to mammals and are on our way to join the Source consciously. Our past is imprinted in our brain and our DNA and journey goes on.

The past is part of our mind, but it contains our destination as well. Science tells us that our brain is a replica of the evolving macrocosm. Our spiritual path is a journey into our core. In order to understand where we are going we need to understand where we are coming from. Just observe what is going on in your brain, the urges, the so-called temptations, the interaction between instinct and rationality. Observe, understand and become whole. That's when you will be taken onto the next level of consciousness.

The new spiritual age is a mix of spirituality, psychology and philosophy. Understand where you are coming from, understand the metaphysical forces that guide you and understand your mission in life. Your urges and desires are what they are, bring them to the surface, don't fight them and gently mold them to let the life energy flow into the direction you want it to take. The goal is to live in perfect harmony with yourself and your soul. Nothing gets suppressed, nothing gets judged, and all the energy is used efficiently.

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