Friday, May 1, 2009

Not This, and Not That

Can you be aware how alcohol or cigarettes damage your body. Is it possible to realize that the first cup of coffee stimulates your body, but the second one overstimulates you? Similarly, when it comes to sex and masturbation, are you able to feel the energy wave that leaves your body and how long it takes to replenish it? The amazing thing about our spiritual journey is that our level of awareness grows. When you feel the trade-off at work you just make a choice, there is no longer any "you should" or "you should not", which by the way, never works anyhow.

Our spiritual journey is about making choices, moment by moment. There are no good or bad choices. Every act has a consequence and as long as you are able to realize the implications you just do what is right for your body, soul and spiritual development after some experimentation. If you feel what is right for you why would you do anything differently? I happen to read a lot of spiritual books just to be aware what others go through and recommend. But in the end this is my journey, and only I can tell what is right for me and what not. Just experience one learning opportunity at a time. By using the concept "Not This, and Not That" you are able to peel your ego layers one by one until you penetrate your core, the True Self.

So how do you decide in the end what is the right choice for you? I wrote a Blog in March of 2008 with the title Einleuchten, a pretty unique German word means a light bulb is going off in your head. We have a voice deep down inside that just knows. Have you heard of people who can just put aside an addiction on fine day and will never touch it again; they just know that day what is right for them. Have faith in yourself to figure things out. Not this, and Not that! Sooner or later you will reach your core.

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