Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Story of the Manifesting Mushrooms

A keeper of the Secret told some friends at a picnic in the forest the art of manifestations. Two mushrooms overheard the conversation and wondered whether they too have the power to mentally change reality.

The first thought to himself, I could have so much water and he visualized how a big branch would fall on the ground and divert more rainwater into his direction. The second mushroom at a nearby colony thought that he was actually doing OK, but that his brothers and sisters always looked a little dry, so he visualized how a big stone that had diverted rainwater would just disappear. Hardly had they uttered these thoughts, a branch fell down and diverted rainwater to the first mushroom, while a big bear kicked the stone for the second mushroom away.

When the rainfall came the first mushroom could finally drink as much as he wanted, while the second mushroom was happy to see that his brothers and sisters could drink ample amounts. The big surprise came next day when the first mushroom dried out faster than he had ever before, while the second enjoyed the moisture for many days. What neither mushroom knew, mushrooms only look separate on the surface, below each colony forms one unit. What you give you brother, you give yourself, and what you take away from your sister you steal from yourself.

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Cindy said...

Hello, Although I loved reading this story, I didn't quiet get the point. At the end the 1st mushroom dried out faster and thats supposed to be a good thing? Why? It wanted more water not more dryness. Or perhaps I'm missing something here. Would you mind elaborating?
Thanks and I'm enjoying reading your other posts. Nice blog :)