Friday, September 25, 2009


Why did Eve tempt Adam? Because a man wrote the story and naked Eve was a perfect symbol for him to express his idea. Have you observed the symbols that you choose in your life? I talked the other day to an attractive colleague and as I was standing opposite to her, I observed how a 12-inch wooden ruler that was lying on her desk was pointing directly towards her - Mmm, I wonder what this symbol stands for. When I left her office with my water cup in the hand she said, "Enjoy your coffee". Apparently she doesn't know that I am in the process of weaning myself from coffee. As I wondered as this might have been a message from the universe to get a little jump start to the day, I nevertheless resisted the temptation. As I went to the investor meeting in the morning I ran into the colleague who I always meet when my mind is on coffee. "Still off the coffee" he asked, when I nodded he said "Amazing". This is how my life goes these days. Everything seems connected, people and objects increasingly become symbols and they move around in my life in accordance with my thoughts and actions.

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