Saturday, October 10, 2009


I am sure pretty much everybody has at one point experienced or been exposed to addictive behaviors. As we know, the victim falls into a stuck pattern and, as time goes by, the personal consequences become increasingly dire. Addiction ends up being a cry for help. What is wrong with me, why can't I stop asks the victim helplessly. An addiction is a loud message from the core of your soul to wake up. Louise Hay pointed out that addictions are always a cover-up for a personal imbalance. As you wean yourself off your pernicious habit see what changes in your life in response. This soul searching process can be intellectually stimulating despite all the pain.

A big fear of every hooked person is the bleak perspective that you have to stop for the rest of your life. It takes superhuman willpower to do this, doesn't it? I have a little trick for you to push this mental bloc aside. You may have heard of the 21 day rule. If you reprogram your system for 21 consecutive days, you have effectively introduced a new pattern, and you are a changed person afterwards. Based on my own experience, the mental resistance to overcoming your addiction falls exponentially. The first day is like hell; probably the Law of Attraction is at work where you literally attract all the symbols of your addiction into your life. Day 2 hurts, but is somewhat better. Day 3 is much better. The changes between days 4 to 21 hardly can be perceived any more. The tough part of the story though, you have to make it through the first 3 days.

Ha, you will say. How does this change my bleak outlook that I have to stay away from my compulsive behavior until the rest of my life? How should I have the willpower to do this? Well, here is the thing. As you stay dry for longer periods, coupled with the necessary soul searching process that you have to find the root course of your nasty habit, your system normalizes. Each time when you relapse, the costs attached will become immediately clear to you. Your system has become stable. You do not need to be afraid of anything since your conviction level that you are mastering the problem will rise with each relapse.

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