Friday, April 23, 2010

The Creative Society

I read Richard Florida's The Rise of the Creative Class a long time ago and it left a lasting impression on me. His point is that we steadily migrate into a society in which we simply have to become creators. Our work hours become more flexible, our work arrangements more connected with other creative people. Technology is on our side too, we may have an important client video connection right out of a Starbucks location. As every creative person knows, stress is not helpful, the lust for power is distracting, all you need to do is to love what you are doing, enjoy the colleague you are working with, and just be in the flow.

Actually, it is almost a spiritual theme. Computers and robots get smarter all the time, so we human beings have to specialize in what we do best, namely being. Actually, I consider myself part of this wave. All I have to do at work is to measure the pulse of our societies, our economies and what others think about it. The more I step back from everything, the sharper my insights become. Stress is just not helpful; if I consider my colleagues as collaboraters and friends, I am miles more creative than if I consider them as competition. The other day I came up with a slogan for how I would define my current role: I am a creative analyst, having fun is my job description.

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